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Stone Stairs Power Wash

This project consisted of power washing a back yard walkway.

Lowell, Michigan
August 3, 2023

Project Overview

This past project focused on the revitalization of a backyard stone walkway and stair feature through the process of power washing. Our goal was to restore the walkway and stone stairs to their original condition. Over time, they had accumulated dirt, mildew, and environmental stains, which detracted from their beauty and could potentially cause degradation to the stonework.


  • Clean and rejuvenate: To thoroughly cleanse the surface of the stone walkway and stairs, removing all types of stains and dirt buildup.
  • Preservation: To ensure the longevity of the stone features by protecting them from the wear and tear associated with accumulated dirt and organic growth.
  • Enhance visual appeal: To improve the aesthetic appeal of the backyard area by restoring the natural look of the stone.
  • Safety: To reduce slip hazards caused by mildew and moss accumulation on the walkway and stairs.


The completed power washing project profoundly improved the condition and appearance of the backyard stone walkway and stair feature. Through meticulous work and a focus on preserving the integrity of the stones, we overcame challenges and achieved our objectives, much to the satisfaction of our client.

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