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Power Wash to Remove Lichen

We recently completed an extensive power washing project for a first-time client.

SE Grand Rapids, Michigan
May 21, 2024

Project Overview:

We recently completed an extensive power washing project for a first-time client in Southeast Grand Rapids. The client was absolutely thrilled with the transformation that our services provided.

Lichen Characteristics:

Lichen is a particularly stubborn type of algae that grows from inside the siding, making its removal a bit more complex than other types of algae. Understanding the nature of lichen is crucial for effective and safe removal.

Cleaning Process:

  1. Application of Cleaning Solution: We started by applying our specialized cleaning solution to the affected areas. This solution is designed to penetrate deep into the lichen, loosening its grip on the siding.
  2. Rest Period: We allowed the cleaning solution to sit for a while, giving it adequate time to break down the lichen from within.
  3. Light Brushing: After the solution had done its job, we gently brushed the lichen to further loosen it without causing any damage to the siding.
  4. Final Rinse: Lastly, we thoroughly rinsed off the house, ensuring that all residues were removed, leaving the siding spotless.

Additional Services:

While on-site, the client was so impressed with our professionalism and the initial results that they decided to add on services for their front walkway and back deck. Both areas received the same meticulous attention and care, resulting in a clean and inviting outdoor space.


The client was blown away by the outcome. The home’s exterior, front walkway, and back deck were restored to their original, beautiful condition, free of lichen and other grime.


This project underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional cleaning services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether it's the removal of tough lichen or enhancing the overall appearance of your property, we ensure top-quality results that exceed expectations.

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