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Window Wash Project in Ada, MI

The homeowner was preparing to sell their home and needed windows to be spotless for upcoming showings.

Ada, Michigan
June 21, 2024

Project Overview

On June 21st, 2024, our team took on an exciting power washing project in Ada, MI. The homeowner was preparing to sell their home and needed both the interior and exterior windows to be spotless for upcoming showings.

Challenges and Solutions

The project involved some challenging exterior windows. The positioning of the roof made several windows hard to reach, requiring specialized tools and techniques. Thankfully, our investment in a water-fed pole allowed us to clean windows at almost any height with purified water, making what could have been a difficult task relatively straightforward.


We divided the tasks to maximize efficiency:

  • Sean tackled the exterior using the water-fed pole.
  • Austin focused on the interior, armed with a brush and squeegee.

By working together, we ensured that every window was cleaned to perfection.


By the end of the job, the windows were so clean they appeared almost invisible. The homeowner was ecstatic about the results, expressing confidence that the spotless windows would significantly enhance the appeal of the house to potential buyers.

Client Feedback

The client couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. They felt assured that the pristine condition of the windows would prepare the house to be showcased at its best.

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail helped turn a challenging project into a seamless success. If you need expert window cleaning services, reach out to us and experience the difference!

Our Team

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