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Pool Deck and Pathway Cleaning

Provide a comprehensive cleaning service for the client's poolside concrete deck.

Rockford, Michigan
July 13, 2022

Project Objectives

  • Provide a comprehensive cleaning service for the client's poolside concrete deck.
  • Address safety concerns by cleaning the mildew-ridden concrete pathway leading to the pool.
  • Offer an extended service at a discounted rate to improve overall safety and usability of the pool area.

Execution and Outcomes

Upon cleaning the client's poolside surfaces, our team quickly identified a potential hazard with the pathway from the house to the pool. The pathway was slick when wet due to a significant build-up of mildew, posing a safety risk for anyone moving between the house and the pool.

Understanding the severity of the risk, we proposed to extend our cleaning service to include the mildew-infested pathway. To express our care for the client's safety, and as a gesture of goodwill, we provided this additional service at an extremely discounted rate.

We then proceeded to power wash the pathway meticulously, ensuring every crevice was free of mildew and the surface was restored to a non-slip condition.


The primary challenge faced in the process was ensuring the complete removal of mildew from the pathway to eliminate any chance of slipping and thus safeguarding our clients' safety. We took every necessary precaution and leveraged our high-powered equipment to tackle this challenge effectively.

Client Satisfaction

The project culminated with the client expressing immense satisfaction with the services rendered. They applauded not only the cleanliness of their pool deck and pathway but also our proactive stance on addressing safety concerns. The client was delighted with the improved appearance and usability of their pool and surrounding areas.

By completing this job thoroughly and responsibly, we once again affirmed our commitment to excellence and enhanced the level of trust and satisfaction our client has in our services.

Our Team

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