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Outdoor Patio Deep Clean

This client came to us wanting a deep clean of the outdoor patio space underneath their deck.

Ada, Michigan
July 13, 2023

Project Objectives:

  • Primary Objective: To perform a deep clean of the client's outdoor patio space beneath their deck.
  • Power wash the siding to remove buildup and stains.
  • Thoroughly clean the patio area to restore its appearance.


  • Successfully power-washed the siding, which included removing years of dirt and grime that had accumulated. The process revitalized the look of the exterior surfaces, giving them a renewed and maintained aesthetic.
  • Deep cleaned the patio area, eliminating all surface debris and leaving it in pristine condition, ready for the client to enjoy.


  • We focused our attention on some stubborn stains and residues that had set into both the siding and patio surfaces over time. These areas required extra attention and a more focused cleaning approach.
  • Ensuring that the cleaning products and techniques used were effective while not damaging to the patio or siding materials.


  • To tackle the challenging stains, we employed a combination of high-strength cleaning solutions and adjusted our power washing techniques to be more targeted, without causing any harm to the structure.
  • We consulted with material specialists to choose the appropriate cleaning agents that were powerful against dirt but gentle on the patio and siding materials.

Client Feedback:

The client was extremely satisfied with the results of the deep clean, expressing delight at the refreshed appearance of their outdoor space. They noted that the level of cleanliness far exceeded their expectations and appreciated the attention to detail in our work.

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