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Comprehensive Softwash in Rockford

Our mission was to rejuvenate the home by meticulously removing pervasive algae.

Rockford, Michigan
May 3, 2024

We recently completed a thorough softwash for a residence in Rockford, inspired by a referral from a long-standing client. Our mission was to rejuvenate the home by meticulously removing pervasive fungi and algae, specifically targeting large patches concealed by greenery.

Project Scope:

  • Location: Rockford home, with particular areas of concern hidden by bushes and vegetative growth.
  • Objective: Safely and effectively eliminate all fungi and algae from the home's exterior, paying close attention to areas with limited sunlight and moisture fostered by surrounding plants. Following the softwash, our goal extended to cleaning both the interior and exterior windows to eradicate mineral deposits resulting from the wash.

Methods Employed:

  1. Softwash Solution: Leveraging softwash cleaning solution, we targeted the fungi and algae growth on the home's siding. This solution not only eradicates existing growth but also aids in preventing future occurrences. Our approach ensures that the building's integrity remains untouched while delivering a powerful clean.
  2. Window Cleaning: Subsequent to the softwash, we conducted a comprehensive cleaning of all windows — both inside and out. This step was crucial to remove any residual water minerals, ensuring a sparkling finish that complements the freshly washed exterior.

Why This Matters:

Algae and fungi are more than an aesthetic issue; they can seriously affect the longevity and safety of a home’s exterior, leading to potential damage and degradation over time. By choosing a softwash approach, we guarantee a gentle yet effective cleanse, preserving the structure’s integrity while enhancing its appearance.


This project in Rockford stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering superior cleaning solutions that are safe, effective, and sustainable. Through our specialized softwash technique and careful window cleaning, we’ve revitalized the home, ensuring it not only looks its best but is also protected from the rapid re-growth of algae and fungi.

We are proud to continue serving our community with these vital services, ensuring every home can shine without compromise to its integrity or the environment.

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